Is Your Dogs Separation Anxiety making your life impossible?

It's time to make living your life possible. This Separation Anxiety training will have you:

  • feeling good about leaving your dog alone by implementing tools to manage your dog when you're away.

  • leaving your dog home with the confidence your dog will be okay

  • learning your dogs cues and body language so that your can identify symptoms of anxiety and manage them

Why choose "Separation Anxiety: Home Alone"?

  • Positive Training - Train with your dog in a positive way that’ll build your relationship with them.

  • Certified - Our lead trainer, Pamela Brown, is certified by the CCPDT with the CPDT-KA accreditation which means she’s trained in humane, science-based dog training techniques.

  • Experienced - Experience and training specifically in separation anxiety, means you’re learning techniques that have been proven in real world situations.

  • Live Support - Along with the online modules, you will also get live virtual support throughout the entire process.

  • Management Plan - In your 5th week you will have a virtual hour consult where we'll provide an ongoing management plan for you to use moving forward.

Dog Owners Who Have Worked with Us!

Google Reviews

Mallnee, 5/5 Stars
"What a great experience!! Pam not only helped us train our pup but she taught us a ton about dogs in general. Day one we had a puppy that would fly out the door the second you opened it. At the end of our first week he was sitting and waiting for us to invite him out! That is just one example of the multiple commands she taught us. We had so much progress we signed up for a second set of training sessions to hone in on his obedience and to teach us some techniques on how to train tricks. I would and have recommended Pam to others in need of help. No matter what the behavior is, she can help you figure out the why and then move forward with the correction."

Sarah Z, 5/5 Stars
"I had a great experience with Down4Paws. Pam was professional, to the point, understanding and kind. My dog has a lot of anxiety and can be aggressive towards other dogs on walks and Pam has helped me come up with a plan to make my walks a lot easier! I am planning on staying in touch with Pam as I feel like her knowledge and guidance in the field of dog training is unmatched! I highly recommend Down4Paws"

Emily, 5/5 Stars
"Pam is an amazing dog trainer! I’m so glad I found her to work with my two Frenchie’s! I was looking Into training for Ollie when he showed fear and lunging towards strangers. Pam was was patient, knowledgeable and made an instant connection with Ollie. She not only gained his trust she helped him gain the confidence he needed to be the dog we all know he is. He not only has confidence on walks, but he enjoys meeting new people and even does a happy dance in the halls. I’m so grateful for the time she has spent teaching Ollie."

Tim, 5/5 Stars
"Working with Pam was awesome. She is an excellent dog Trainer and really knows what she is doing. She was sensitive to our needs and bonded quickly and easily with our dog. I would highly recommend hiring her for any dog that needs quality training."

Carol, 5/5 Stars
"Having Pam come for in-home training was the best decision we made since we brought our new puppy home in March! He’s a little shy, but with her calmness, knowledge and patience, he’s really flourished. The tools and techniques we learned, along with her continued follow-up and support, have given us the confidence we need to raise a happy, well-adjusted dog."

But how?

You'll be able to train your dog at home, using bite sized daily online lessons, plus weekly live video calls.

You'll be teaching your dog how to be calm at home alone. Avoiding barking, defecating, howling, and destructive behavior. Using the below tactics and more:

  • Crate Training or Confinement training

  • Sit Stay: training (distance) to work on your dog staying while you go out of sight

  • Go to mat: training your dog to stay until released creating distance away

  • Creating a Kong or Food Puzzle addiction to keep your dog engaged while your away

  • Mental stimulation exercises and games

  • Identifying your dog departure triggers and desensitizing systematically

What happens after you complete the course?

Your Management Plan

While "Separation Anxiety: Home Alone" provides you with all of the tools, and structure to turn 4 weeks of work into an improved life with your dog, we don't send you into the wild alone after that.

We provide an hour long virtual consult where we develop a management plan, determined by how your 4 weeks went, that will help you continue your success.

Are You Ready to Change You and Your Dogs Life?

Commit to 4 weeks to make your lifetime with your dog that much better! Check to see if you meet our requirements for this course.

  • You're an owner of a dog that is suffering from separation anxiety.

  • You have some time to devote to regular separation anxiety training (approximately 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week, is suggested).

  • You have patience and understand that the pace of this program is slow. You also understand that for your dog to succeed, it can only move forward at your dog’s pace. As opposed to your own personal deadline.

  • You agree that you will never leave your dog alone throughout your time in the program (outside of training exercises).

    This is crucial. Even severe cases can resolve themselves when absences are suspended. This means, not being personally separated and not leaving the dog alone (depending on the dog).

    Possible solutions can include the help from reliable friends, family, or neighbors. Other alternatives can be day care, all day pet sitting, bringing your dog to work (with permission), or working from home during the program.

Separation Anxiety: Home Alone

Take 5 Weeks to make the rest of your life with your dog a better one!